High quality and efficacy of medicines for our primary goal.
Our products are manufactured in factories recognized not only in Europe but around the world:
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., India – largest pharmaceutical company in innovative development,
registration and production of substances and drugs factories which are located in India.

Nectar Lifesciences Limited, India – one of the largest companies in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the sites are located in India.

Demo S.A. Pharmaceuticals Industry, Greece – the company produces more than 150 pharmaceutical products, the company №1 in the hospital sector sales in Greece and exporting its products to 48 countries. The bulk of the range «DEMO» – a drug for injection and infusion.

Production sites, which made our products have been certified in Ukraine and have numerous certificates of GMP PIC/S and the USA.

The company operates an effective quality system that ensures compliance with all requirements of the GDP. Compliance with these standards ensures the quality and safety of medicines guaranteed by the manufacturer when it moves from the producer to the end consumer.