For every individual reactions to drugs may be different. In clinical trials, unfortunately, it is impossible to identify any adverse reactions. Pharmacovigilance – combines all activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse reactions or any other problems associated with the drugs.

Our company established pharmacovigilance system designed to monitor the safety and effectiveness throughout the life cycle of each of our product. We strive to maintain an effective feedback with consumers of our products, and health professionals to monitor any signs of adverse reactions.

If you become aware of any information on adverse events or lack of efficacy presented our medicines, we suggest you choose the best way for you feedback:

depositphotos_18322911-stock-photo-24-7-green-glossy-icon Contact details of the Contact person responsible for pharmacovigilance in Ukraine:
Name: Onyshchuk Liudmyla
Address: LLC «Medinvest LTD»
Ukraine, Kyiv-142, Palladina ave. 32/34B
tel: +38(068)174-79-47; +38(044)424-10-44

Blank forms for medical staff
Blank forms for patients

All information you give us is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed except as prescribed by law. Message is not a formal recognition that the medical staff, the institution or the drug manufacturer was the cause or in any other way contributed to a side reaction or action.